We want you to have fun and enjoy your visit at Christmas RV Park.  To ensure your stay is carefree and without incident, we have adapted the following Rules and Regulations.  Please be advised, the Rules and Regulations are strictly enforced.  Thank You for your cooperation.

  1. PARKING:  One (1) vehicle per Motor Home or Fifth Wheel.  Space permitting, additional vehicles may be allowed with PRIOR approval by Management in advance.
    Complete form at the bottom of this page to Request Approval.  We will respond within 48 hours.


    Sunday - Thursday:      10pm - 8am
    Friday and Saturday:    11pm - 8am
    Hours may be extended if approved by Management.


  3. SPEED LIMIT in the park is Five (5) MPH and is STRICTLY ENFORCED!

  4. TRASH:  Guest are responsible to dispose of their trash into any marked dumpster in the park.

  5. POOL:  There is NO LIFE GUARD on Duty... SWIM AT YOUR OWN RISK.  Children MUST
    be accompanied by an adult at all times.  NO GLASS is permitted.  NO DIVING, NO RUNNING.  Pool Hours are 10am - 5pm.  Hours may be extended if approved by Management.


  6. SEWER RINGS/COLLARS:  Are Required by Law.

  7. NO FIREARMS or FIREWORKS may be discharged in the park. 

  8. FIRES:  An enclosed Fire Ring is located at Sugar Plum next to Holly Hall for use by our guest.  Camp Stoves and BBQ Grills are permitted at your site.  Contained above ground Fire Rings/Tables may be permitted at your site with prior approval by Management.  Fires are NOT PERMITTED inside any building or screened porch/room at the park.

  9. TELEPHONES:  Personal telephone line installation is permitted in accordance with all Codes/Laws.  Christmas RV Park is absolved of all liability should resident/guest NOT adhere to all Codes/Laws related to telephone installation.

  10. PETS:  Two (2) per site, please click here for our complete Pet Policy.

  11. LIABILITY:  Guests use the park and amenities at "THEIR OWN RISK".
    Christmas RV Park, the Owners, Management and Staff  are NOT RESPONSIBLE for any Loss, Damage or Injury due to Fire, Accident, Theft, Weather or Catastrophic Events. 


The following MAY be permitted with PRIOR approval from MANAGEMENT.  Complete the form below to Request Approval.  We will respond within 48 hours.  If you should need immediate assistance please contact us by phone (407) 568-5207. 
Office hours are 9am - 1pm Eastern Time.  Thank You!

1. Parking space for extra vehicles, tow-dolly's, boats, etc.

2. Removal of campers from pick-ups, etc.

3. Parking of business/commercial/work vehicles or equipment.

4. Minor vehicle maintenance or repairs.

5. Clothes drying holders (small).  (Clothes Lines are NOT permitted)

6. Screened Rooms or Tents that are not attached to RV.

7. Use of generators.

8. Tents or Pop-Ups.

9. Storage of excess property under awning or at site.

10. Washing of vehicles / RV’s during water-restriction periods.  All other times, stated FEE is required.

11. More than two (2) pets at site.

  • Rules may be amended by Management without prior notice.

  • Rules WILL be enforced with common sense and compassion.

  • Violation of any of the above rules is CAUSE FOR IMMEDIATE EXPULSION from the park. 


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